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Getting Started Designing Your Own Wedding Album...

1. When you design your album, you will have choices of the "Style" of page layouts. You might like the "Classic" look with its clean lines and traditional image sizes. Or you might like "Contemporary" design look with its "Artsy" images layouts, rotated images. And of course, we can combine the styles and create a beautiful album you will enjoy looking at for years to come. Review some of the album designs created by our other clients before starting your album. Real Album Designs

2. You can create page styles with clean edges as well as black, white, or any color borders, as well as images with "Feathered" edges. You can apply Drop Shadow effects to any images. We have stylish "Gradients". They give your images the gradual "fading effect" you may have seen in other albums. There are no limits, no boundaries with our FreeStyle Album Designer.

3. Eventually, you will need to pick a cover style. Don't make any decisions right now. You can decide when your album design is completed.

4. Don't "do anything" to your images. Don't adjust the color or density (lightness and darkness) of them. We do that for you.

5. No deposit is required if you design your own album. Should you decide to have us design it for you, we can create a design for free. When your album is ready for production, we will ask for your payment. You can design and make as many changes as you like before you need to make any payments.

We have a video library with a few short videos that will show you how easy it is to design your album: Video Library

Please don't hesitate to call us at any time. If you are confused about where to begin, we will be glad to help you. Unlike many other internet album companies, we actually give you a phone number to call and we do answer, and we are here in the good old USA!!!

The album is completed in about 4-6 weeks. Each album is custom made, by hand.

IMPORTANT: Contact us when you have completed the album design. DO NOT use the "File/Finish Order" button to send the order. Send us an email and we will complete the order.

GFP Media Group/Album Design
Phone 866-283-8323
Customer Support

You might call the following "Frequently asked Questions"....

Library Bound Flush Style Album
The pages are actual Kodak/Fuji Professional Photographic Paper, mounted on heavy board, they are rigid and will not bend.
They are also referred to as "Coffee Table Albums".
These are the traditional wedding albums that have been available for over 40 years.

Magazine Style Flush Bound Album
The pages are also Kodak/Fuji Professional Photographic Paper (not inkjet/paper printed).
The pages are thinner and will "flex", but will not bend.
These are the closest thing to having a real magazine or book style album.
They are less expensive because they don't require the labor and expense involved with the heavy board bound alums.
They are the same high quality as the heavy bound albums but cost less. They make great Parent Albums.


All Flush Bound Albums

Solid color covers come in many beautiful colors, click here to see your choices. We can also design a Full Wrap Around Photographic Cover with your favorite image/images/text.

All of our albums have Double spread pages, commonly called "Panoramas", that enhance your designs.

Library Flush Bound Albums have pages that cannot bend. The Pictures are mounted on a board that keeps the prints from rigid, and safe.

Magazine Style albums are made exactly the same way, with a thin "membrane" between the Photographic Paper Pages. The pages will "flex", but not bend easily.


The insides of all of the Flush Bound Albums contain actual photographs, printed on Kodak/Fuji Professional Photographic Paper, mounted on materials/boards, that create pages. The pages are trimmed after mounting, and a custom crafted cover is attached. The end result is a custom made, hand crafted wedding album that actually looks like a bound book you would purchase in a book store. These are not mass produced albums that you slide pictures into.
(Picture is of a Library Bound Flush Album)

This is a Full Wraparound Color Photograph Cover.

We make a Photographic Color Print and use it
to create your album cover.

     Library Bound Flush Album
(Thick Pages)
                          These are the Professional Wedding albums found in
                       Professional Photography Studios

                   Prices Per Double Page Spread
                   (10 Double Page Spreads = 20 Sides/Pages - Left/Right)

Size 10 Double Page Spreads
20 Pages/Sides
Additional Double Page Spreads
8x8 $325 $20
10x10 $399 $20
12x12 $499 $40

Additional Charges for Covers

All Sizes - Same Price

Full Color Photograph Cover $99
Bonded Vinyl Cover- Any Color $79
Leather Cover - Any Color $149
4x4 Picture/Window in Vinyl/Leather Albums $35
Name Imprint on Cover
(Leather and Vinyl Covers)
One Time Set Up Fee $199

IMPORTANT: Contact us when you have completed the album design. DO NOT use the "File/Finish Order" button to send the order. Send us an email and we will complete the order.

All prices subject to change without notice