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We can design any style wedding album you like,
We can do "Conservative/Traditional or totally Modern/Exotic.

You probably viewed many "sample" concepts of album designs before your wedding. Many companies display the more exotic looks to get you excited. Most of these designs fail to have all the "must have" pictures, like family groups and the standard ceremony and reception images. When it comes time to actually create the album, you find you will be needing those images and they are presented in a more traditional format. What we propose, is that we design your album employing a range of concepts that will work for your images. We can all design traditional looking albums and also design modern looking one's. We would like to present a combination that tells your wedding day story, and also looks good.

            Would you like to see "Real" albums designed by our clients, and our design staff? Albums

Classic Series Layouts

Square Album-12x12, 10x10

Classic Templates- We call our non-overlapping image style layouts as "Classic". You can change the background colors, add Borders or Drop Shadows to any existing template.

These are 2 individual page layouts.

This page had a white border added to the pictures on the left side. The right side is a full 12x12 image that fills the entire page.

These are 2 individual page layouts.

While you may see many "exotic" sample layouts from other album designers, you will still need the basic clean layouts for many of your important sequences.

This is a Panorama single page, double spread layout. The advantage to panorama layouts is that you can drop a single image into the entire 2 page spread. The advantage to individual page layouts, is more versatility in having more options to present your sequences.

The background of this layout has a picture added. All you do is add any picture to a background of any template to et this effect. You can add borders or drop shadows to the smaller pictures.

This is a single page, panorama.

Designer Series Layouts
Square Format 12x12 -10x10

Designer Templates- When we overlap the openings we consider the layouts part of the Designer Series.

Here we added a small black border to the images on the left, and a more colorful border to the images on the right.

Vertical Format 11x14-10x13

Here are 2 separate pages, not a panorama double page spread. There are so many combinations you will need to create your album, we expand your options by creating both panorama and individual pages for you to work with,

Creative Effects
This is an incredible effect. This is a Stepped Gradient Mask. We create finished layouts for every format so you don't have to "wonder how they did that?
This is actually 3 image "Nodes", as we call them. On the left is a standard image node, then next to that is a "Random Edge" mask, then a decreasing "Gradient".
By adding a background color, we added black to this page, you can see how the lighter areas go dark, giving the composition a very dramatic effect. Leave the background white and you get the effect above.
Soft edge vignettes are simple and tasteful. When you have beautiful pictures you don't need to create "busy" compositions. That is what your album pages are, they are compositions. They are a group of image that need to be placed on a page with elegance and style.
Text on your pages
We can add text to any layout.  If you want to add text to a layout, simply tell your Design Consultant what you want on the pages.
Would you like to see "Real" wedding albums designed by our clients... Albums